‘100 per cent rule’ is 100 per cent impossible to enforce


Photo credit: Brian Lawdermilk / Getty Images North America

Most of the discussion following the Hellmann’s 500 wasn’t about Joey Logano’s win, or Brian Scott’s surprising near win. The discussion instead turned to Joe Gibbs Racing.

To be more precise, the discussion was about the mediocre — at best — runs by Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch. The three teammates finished 28th-through-30th, and it wasn’t from lack of power, but a lack of effort.

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Congestion near campus city’s responsibility, says Humber


Highway 27 and Humber College Boulevard is one of the most congested areas around North Campus, and especially during mid-afternoon hours. (Tyson Lautenschlager)

News Reporter

Anyone who’s ever tried to turn left at Highway 27 and Humber College Boulevard knows the agony of a five-minute commute turning into a 15-minute grind.

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Trump’s Claims of Rigged Election Questions American Democracy

Donald Trump has always been a controversial figure in the U.S. election, but continuous claims of the Nov. 8 election being rigged brings into question the legitimacy of American democracy.

Trump’s claims of “voter fraud” come at convenient times for the GOP nominee. Several polls show Trump being far behind Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for the presidency with just a few weeks before the election. Although Trump’s claims of a rigged election are timely, this isn’t the first time the reality TV show mogul has claimed voter fraud.

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Pagenaud to Dixon: “It’s Game On”


Photo credit: Ashley McCubbin / OnPitRoad.com

By Tyson Lautenschlager

July 17, 2016

Simon Pagenaud goes into the Honda Indy Toronto with a 73-point advantage over Josef Newgarden. However, with Scott Dixon on pole position for the race and fourth in points, it’s Dixon he’s concerned about.

“Dixon’s on pole position, we’re third, so at this point, it’s game on,” Pagenaud told OnPitRoad.com after Sunday morning warmup. “We should probably look at what he’s doing in the race strategy, and maybe mirror that. If he gets caught by a yellow, then we’ll get caught by a yellow, and we don’t lose too many points. In terms of performance and rivalry, we just have to get going and pick up points.”

Pagenaud wound up 14th in the morning warmup after nosing his car into the turn eight tire barriers halfway through the session. Pagenaud had minimal damage, and was able to continue in the session. Despite being on the second half of the speed charts in the warmup, the Frenchman will start inside the top-five of the grid.

“If I wasn’t trying, you guys would be asking me why I’m not trying,” he said. “So, when you go into warmup, you of course want to take some risks in some corners. We had a balance that we we’re trying the red tires, and there was a lot of degradation. We realized that we need to make some adjustments.

“I was just pushing it to see where the tires could take it, and I got my answer. It’s really good actually because we get to make a few changes now, and get back to the race with a chance of winning.”

One of the exciting things about racing in Toronto is the potential for different pit strategies as teams will be deciding between two-stop and three-stop strategies. Being the point leader, Pagenaud finds himself on the defensive side of the championship hunt. He plans to race the drivers in the championship hunt, rather than race others on differing pit strategies.

“You have to decide before the race what your strategy’s going to be because you have to run those red tires once,” he explained. “You can decide whether to run it at the beginning, or at the end – that’s the question. There’s different strategies that could play out. We’re probably going to be on the standard situation for the race because we’re in the title hunt, and we want to fight against our competitors, not someone who might be lucky with a yellow.”


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Human rights head says sex education key lesson


Nancy Simms, director of the Centre of Human Rights, Equity and Diversity at Humber College says sexual education is important for students in primary schools, especially as it relates to matters of diversity.

Tyson Lautenschlager


It’s been 18 months since the Ontario Liberals introduced changes to the sexual education curriculum, but the uproar over the highly controversial reform hasn’t died down yet.

The curriculum, which was updated for the first time since 1998 to inform Ontario school children of safe and diverse sexual practices, has been opposed by Conservative Party leader Patrick Brown. He has come under fire in recent weeks for his indecisive approach to whether or not he wants to repeal Premier Kathleen Wynne’s curriculum.

Last week, emails were released that Brown sent to supporters in 2015 promising he would repeal the curriculum, but Brown said in a statement his views have now “evolved.”

Nancy Simms, the director of the Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Diversity at Humber College, said educating young people on issues such as consent, acceptance and LGBTQ issues are especially important as they reach the post-secondary and working worlds.

“In terms of LGBTQ issues, the statistics show there are increasing individuals who identify as a part of the LGBTQQII community,” Simms said.

Simms said the inclusion of diversity ideals are important because all Ontarians have the right to be treated with respect.

“The Wynne government has certainly put the whole notion of working, enabling, supporting and enriching the diverse communities that exist in Ontario,” she said. “I do think if we’re going to be a nation that’s going to be sustainable and competitive, that education certainly needs to start at a really young age in terms of preparing us,” Simms said.

Cora Boccia, a second-year Early Childhood Education student and lesbian, also thinks sex education needs to start early.

“Nowadays, with the media and what’s going on, children are exploring, and they don’t know who they are as a person,” Boccia said.

She says more needs to be done to teach youth in primary schools.

“They should be talking more about LGTBQ intimacies,” Boccia, said. “I feel for earlier generations that LGBTQ topics are coming more about, and they should be more talked about in classes, so parents can understand when their children come out (as queer).”

Vice-President of Ignite Student Life Ammar Abdul-Raheem said educating youth as they reach the college level is important to help students learn how to maintain stronger relationships.

“To me, sexual education is very important,” he said. “It’s important that we know how our bodies work – how to have better and stronger relationships, not just with our sexual partners, but with our friends.”

EDSS adorned in blue; school supports student battling cancer


Photo: Candace Kuepfer

By Tyson Lautenschlager // Elmira Independent // April 23, 2014

The entire Elmira District Secondary School came together as a community last week to support a fellow Lancer who was set to have surgery to remove the tumour in his tibia bone on Thursday, April 10.

Colton Kuepfer is a Grade 10 student at EDSS. Kuepfer is an athletic student who loves participating in sports, particularly soccer.

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